Top 7 NLP Tools for Getting Rid of Fears, Anxieties, Worries and Doubts in Minutes. Without Needing Drugs or Expensive Therapy.

Free Your Mind With NLP. Gain control of your thinking. Achieve and experience the life you really want.

How would it feel to be free of your unwanted stress, anxiety, worries and fears?

'FREE YOUR MIND' with 7 *Proven* Techniques that are Simple to Follow

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Get Started Now For Just One Payment Of $47. Then One Final Payment of $47 in a Months Time. With 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

GreenHeadIn this video series YOU WILL LEARN the Exact Formula that I use with my one-to-one clients to get POWERFUL results.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the fastest, most successful system for freeing you from stress, anxieties, worries and fears… giving you more confidence and motivation.

When you watch this video series it will feel like I am in the room with you... We will work together to Free Your Mind for the Life you deserve.

PLUS: Watch Real Life Case Studies so you can see these transformations in action!

These Top 7 NLP tools are simple to implement into your life right away with our step by step, easy to follow video series.

You are about to Discover the Most Powerful NLP Techniques for Getting the Life You Want.

Hi I'm John Vincent...johnvincentsmall-300x275

Working as an independent Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Personal Development Specialist for over 25 years...

I’ve found that NLP is the fastest way to create lasting change.

And the good news… You don’t have to spent tens of thousands of hours and over $50 000 learning NLP like I did. I’ve done it for you and created the Must Have NLP Tool Kit to Free Your Mind from anxieties, worries and fears. Get a ‘clean slate’ to create the abundance in Your life that is you deserve, it’s your birth right.

Over 2 hours of Easy to Follow & Simple to Implement NLP Sessions

Using the 7 PROVEN Techniques to Take You from Where You Are Right Now to Where You REALLY Want to Be

Fotolia_54566245_XS1995Way back in 1995 I had a completely different life.

I actually had huge issues with paranoia, thinking I was being followed by something or someone, I actually believed people were trying to poison me.

I was a complete disaster socially, unable to talk to people, had to consume large quantities of alcohol just to pluck up the courage to say hi to a girl.

I was frustrated, living just above the poverty line with absolutely no vision or direction for the future.

Something Had to Change, or I Would Have Been Forced to Take the Medication and Expensive Therapies I Wanted to Avoid... That I Knew Where Not Right for Me.

I began to try various methods to cure my problems, from meditation to energy healing, but nothing seemed to work, or if it did just not for very long. Until one day someone I knew told me about a soldier who had just come back from war in Iraq - he has quite a dark personal story that made mine feel tame in comparison.

His mind was totally ripped to shreds after watching people being killed in front of him, as well as doing a lot of the killing himself, behind enemy lines, hand to hand, with a knife across their throat.

Not surprising he has a lot of deep psychological issues, but amazingly he had found a way to cure them all.

I Had to Find Out Exactly What the Cure Was and So My Mission Began...Solder1

I finally tracked the soldier down, and of course I had many questions.

I was amazed to discover that the cure for his deeply distressing issues was actually a special mind reprogramming process. It seemed at first like some Jedi mind tricks, but after learning more about how it actually works, I soon realized this is a process firmly backed up by science and already used by millions of people worldwide, including the worlds top therapists.

I was also shocked to discover this was the same mental reprogramming technology used by high profile people like Bill Clinton to win elections, the personal development giants Tony Robbins and Paul Mckenna to train major peak performers and athletes to win awards and competitions.

What I was amazed to find was that this process did not involve years and years of practice to learn, it worked in minutes, rather than months, it didnt require any crazy diet regime or pill popping. It could work on anyone regardless of age, background or gender.

So what was this amazing mental technology that saved this soldier from potential suicide or lifelong trips to the psychiatry ward?

This Mind Reprogramming Technology is Called NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming

So what is NLP?


  1. NLP is a series of psychological techniques that allow you to move beyond the boundaries of ordinary thinking.
  2. You can use it to change behaviours, to lose weight, to stop smoking, to overcome fears and phobias.

NLP was first created over 40 years ago by co-founders Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder. In that time it has become the NUMBER ONE 'go-to' tool for therapists wanting to create instant and lasting change.

It is used by professional sports people like: Andre Agassi and Olympic athletes, business leaders like Warren Buffet and politicians, entertainers like Derren Brown and russell Brand and of course personal development giants like Tony Robbins and Paul McKenna...

And Now You Can Harness the Power of NLP Too. 

"Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ was specifically created in order to allow us to do magic by creating new ways of understanding how verbal and non-verbal communication affect the human brain. As such it presents us all with the opportunity to not only communicate better with others, but also learn how to gain more control over what we considered to be automatic functions of our own neurology."

Dr Richard Bandler - Co-Creator of NLP

So How Does NLP Work?

Say you want to remove a phobia, wouldn't you like to do it in the fastest possible time?

Imagine finding someone who could not only completely cure your phobia in a really fast time... but they could also repeat the process on almost anyone.

Then studying their exact method, to create a step by step model that could be taught and replicated by anyone to achieve the same results and sometimes even better results.

This is what Richard Bandler and John Grinder set out to do and achieved with NLP.

They applied their same system of modelling to not just find fast effective cures for phobias, but also anxiety, bad habits, fears, worries, even confidence and motivation.

I became so mesmerised by the sheer power of NLP, that I started learning as much as I possibly could. I bought books, videos, anything I could find on the subject and started to apply some of the techniques on myself. I was amazed how fast they worked.

After applying just one technique called the ‘Swish Pattern’ to help get rid of my OCD of constantly checking to see if I locked my door, or turned off the light, it was gone almost instantly.

It seemed like I had just cast a magic spell to end this lifelong problem. I was hooked and wanted to go even deeper.

Thats when I decided to find the creator of NLP himself, Richard Bandler and learn directly from him. I trained to Master Practitioner level and soon started working at a Natural Health Centre helping others.

jvIn January 2005 I was chosen to be part of the London Society of NLP Assisting team.

Since then I have assisted at over 50 seminars and events, with the Society of NLP and Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) helping tens of thousands of people to learn NLP and make huge positive changes in their lives.

After looking at the state of online NLP training course, I was shocked... 

Quite frankly most of them looked like they had been thrown together by someone who had just read a few books, let alone ever learned NLP from the creator.

Free Your Mind With NLP. Gain control of your thinking. Direct it at achieving and experiencing the life you really want.

So I Decided to Create the Ultimate NLP Tool Box. Free Your Mind.

'Free Your Mind' combines the top 7 NLP techniques for getting rid of fears, anxieties, worries and doubts in minutes, without needing drugs or expensive therapy.

Richard Bandler the founder of NLP gave me the go ahead to create this course, and so I am honored to be able to bring these tried and tested formulas for total mental freedom to YOU, at tiny fraction of the price it would normally cost to learn these at a seminar.

Rather than simply showing you how something works... I will run you through these powerful techniques, I'll be there every step of the way. Nothing is left out. And there is no fluff or filler.

So What Are You Going To Get?

Quite simply 7 of the very best NLP techniques for taking control of your thinking and creating powerful change.

The very same tools I’m going to share with you to break free of fears and anxieties can be used to:

  • Create new beliefs about what you can do and what you deserve.
  • Create new habits of success that propel you towards your dream life.
  • Create huge states of confidence and motivation for anything you want.
  • Create a powerful action plan that will keep you on track to achieve everything you desire.

Free Your Mind With NLP. Gain control of your thinking. Direct it at achieving and experiencing the life you really want.


Component #1
 - Spinning

FOR - Replacing unwanted feelings like anxiety with positive feelings like confidence.

Spinning is one of my most favorite techniques because it is so easy to see and feel instant results. So will you when you learn this technique, and that’s why it’s the first component of the course.

The first three of these seven techniques tackle three of your five senses. First you get to grips with how to change your feelings. How to remove bad feelings that hold you back and how to create new motivated feelings to get you to do the things that you know would be good for you.

The reason people engage in bad habits is because of your feelings. Think about people that smoke, they do so because they ‘feel’ like a cigarette. They have a feeling that they need to smoke and then they light up. That’s their feelings controlling them. At that moment in time they are not in control.

Phobias or fears are the same as this, some people can’t get on an aeroplane or be near a dog because they are too scared.

The Spinning Technique

Easy to Use Video Explanation

That’s their unconscious programming deep inside their brain running and ruining their life at the same time, not them making the decisions.

Do your feelings get the better of you like this?

In this component you will learn how to take control of your feelings and aim them where you want to go.

Look at all the super motivated people. That’s their feelings driving them to do the things they do. This is the second application of the first technique in the system.

Its about You becoming the conscious architect of your dreams. You deciding what you want and aligning your dreams and the feelings of motivation to take action and achieve them.

And you get all this in just the first technique you are about to learn!

Component #2 - Quieting Your Internal Dialogue

FOR - Changing the way you talk to yourself.

You will learn how to control your internal dialogue, so it works for you.

You see your internal dialogue either motivates you to do things or scare you away from doing things… and everything in between.

A lot of the time, stress, anxiety, worries, fears, anger come from the way you talk to yourself.

Its not other people that make you angry, its your response to them. The reason you respond the way you do is because of you programming and thinking. When your thinking with bad internal dialogue your actions are going to be ‘bad’. Its time to change that and re-program the negative programming in your mind to put you back in the driving seat.

If your not in control of your thinking, you are not controlling your mind and your mind is controlling you. In this component you will learn how to take control of your internal dialogue and make it work for you.

Quieting Your Internal Dialogue

Easy to Use Video Explanation

Component #3 
- The White Out

FOR - Eliminate negative or traumatic memories

Mental imagery. The images in your minds eye are very powerful. But are you in control of them?

Do you deliberately use this most amazing of abilities? 
And do you turn your visions into reality…

Or are you limited by thoughts of failure?

The language of your unconscious mind isn’t the language you speak. The language of your unconscious mind is imagery. Are you in control of your ability to deliberately change the images in your mind?

The images you make in your minds eye and the way that you talk to yourself with your internal dialogue are what cause your feelings to arise.

So while you can go straight for the feelings and change them (and sometimes this is the right thing to so) you also need to be in control of the images that you make.

This component will give you a way of ridding yourself of the unwanted imagery that doesn’t support you.

White-Out Technique

Easy to Use Video Explanation

And as a bonus I’ve included an audio track ‘Help I can’t Visualise’ That gives you 5 techniques for increasing your ability to visualise.

Component #4

 - The Swish Pattern 

FOR - Replacing negative habits with positive habits

After tackling the three fundamentals and putting you in the driving seat its time to delve a little deeper.

In the 4th component you will learn how to change or create habits. This is the most powerful technique for change. I use this to help people stop smoking. It’s that powerful and now you can use this very technique to change habits.

I explain the technique and guide you through it. It’s as if you are in my office and we are working one-to-one together.

Rid yourself of those unwanted habits with this technique. Then use this to create new habits, habits that will make you healthier or more successful, the best bit… you get to choose!

The power of this technique is limited only to the applications you could think of. You could use it for things like smoking, over eating, nail biting, being afraid of the dark, public speaking or to become more motivated to go to the gym, or even write that book you always wanted to write.

The Swish Pattern

Easy to Use Video Explanation

You could use this technique every day to create or reenforce a new habit for success. to make you become the person you really want to be

This course is like having me on tap ANY time you need to make a change. Private one-to-one sessions with me... if you can get them, I have a very long waiting list these days and they are very expensive.

That is why I made this course

Imagine what habits you would change if you could wave a magic wand and they were gone?

Well this technique is about as close to real magic as you can get! Just think about the new habits of success you would create that will make you healthier, wealthier and as the saying goes wiser.

Component #5 - Belief Change

FOR - Destroying limiting beliefs and creating new empowering beliefs about yourself

Do you struggled with limiting beliefs or self-sabotage behaviour?

Quite simply your actions come from your beliefs. The things that you believe about yourself at an unconscious level shape you.

Rather than getting lost in the content (the reasons why you believe something), in this component we will be exploring the structure of a belief. And most importantly how to change it.

Limiting beliefs hold us back from achieving the experiences we deserve. 
Limiting beliefs stop us from being who we truly want to be. 
In this component all that is going to change!

Then, once the old limiting beliefs are destroyed… think about a new belief you want. 

Is there something you would like to believe about yourself that you don’t?

e.g: you are loveable, you can become healthy, you can become an early riser, you do deserve to have the life you want.

Belief Change 

Easy to Use Video Explanation

In this session you will be creating new beliefs about who you are and what you can become.

Component #6 - The Fast Phobia Cure

FOR - Eliminating phobias in minutes!

You are going to learn Richard Bandler’s fast phobia cure. 

I have used this with thousands of people to remove phobias, everything from the run of the mill phobias like dogs and flying phobias, to some of the weirdest phobias you can imagine.

I have even used this technique with groups of people. 30 people all cured (and tested) of their height phobia in half an hour.

If you have a phobia after this session it will be a thing of the past.

The Fast Phobia Cure

Easy to Use Video Explanation

Component #7 - Timelines

FOR - Creating a brighter future

In component seven you will learn the Timeline technique. Using this technique you can ensure that any change you have created with the previous techniques becomes a solid part of your future. Its like locking the change in place.

The application of timelines in this component will allow you to create a compelling vision of the future that will motivate you to achieve any goal that you place in your timeline.

Your unconscious mind encodes time in a very specific way and in this session you will be locking into place the experiences and goals that you wish to achieve making them a part of your future.


Easy to Use Video Explanation

7 of the best NLP techniques for change in one easy to implement Video learning system


NLP introduction to Predicates, Submodalities and Representational Systems mp3.

The Mp3 goes deep on the structure of thinking. Once you understand the structure of your thinking making change is easier.

The content (reason you are stuck) is far less important that the 'way' you are thinking and once you change the 'way' you are thinking the reasons you were stuck can change.

Help I can’t Visualise: techniques to improve your ability to visualise

This 25 minute audio recording will give you 5 techniques and examples for increasing your ability to visualize in your mind.

The Post-it Note Techniques
Right and Left Hand Pictures
The Rainbow Technique
Geometric Shapes
3D Transformation

Making Your Future Fantastic Trypnosis session

The Future is Where You are Going, Make it Fantastic!

Planning for more... Making The Future Fantastic, featuring our ground breaking peak performance Trypnosis audio technology.

Trypnosis is a pyramid structured audio technology utilizing 3 of the very best techniques for mind tranformation and hypnosis that you will find. Trypnosis puts them into one single solution for helping you reach peak performance states of mind, boosting your well-being, as well as helping you make the most of where you are right now.

Wake Up To Peak Mental Performance

Enter peak-performance states of mind and get in the ‘zone’. Stop focusing on what’s wrong and start seeing the opportunities that surround you, take action and program yourself for autopilot success.

  • Trypnaural Isochronic Tones Technology

    Modern brainwave entrainment technology that takes you from beta waking states, through to deep delta. Isochronic tones are 3 x more effective than out-dated binaural beats.

  • World Class Meditation Music

    World class meditation music by Niraj Naik (amAya) using his unique blend of therapeutic Trypnaural sounds. This special music enhances the power of hypnosis, helping you glide smoothly into a deep trance for the most blissful experience imaginable.

  • Subliminal Acoustic Hypnosi

    Unique method of hypnosis recording performed by world class hypnotherapist John Vincent (trained directly under internationally renowned hypnotists Paul Mckenna & Richard Bandler)

Unbelievable Amounts Of Life-Transforming Content!

Get Started Now For Just One Payment Of $47. Then One Final Payment of $47 in a Months Time.
With 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

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  • 7 Powerful NLP Techniques (Video Format - worth $47 each)
  • Technique #1 This dual purpose technique will free you of anxieties and worries. Plus it will boost your confidence and motivation so you can start living up to Your Full Potential
  • Technique #2 Experience Peace and Calm, banish that self critical internal dialogue and instantly learn how to quieten your mind for ‘Zen’ like meditation
  • Technique #3 Take your mind off pressing matters. Become free of negative memories and thoughts that haunt you
  • Technique #4 Change your limiting beliefs and create empowering beliefs. Get a Winning Mindset
  • Technique #5 Drinking too much, smoking too much, worrying too much, eating too much, biting finger nails, etc? Instantly banish all of these!
  • Technique #6 Break the Cycle, obliterate your Phobias and put fear back in it’s proper place: under your control
  • Technique #7 Cement your new life in place and become confident in your future success

(Total Value $329)

  • Introduction to Predicates, Submodalities and Representational Systems (worth $27)
  • Help I can' Visualise - 5 Techniques to help you visualise (worth $27)
  • Making Your Future Fantastic Trypnosis Session (worth $27)
  • Case Studies (worth $47)

As you can see, the total real-world value of what you are about to receive in this program is worth hundreds of dollars. But we are not going to charge you anywhere near this amount as we want to create as many new success stories as possible.

Although we could easily charge $997 for all this life transforming content we decided in order to reach more people in these tough financial times, we would only charge $197.


Today as a Special One Time Offer you can get instant access to the complete  Free Your Mind System for Just One Payment Of $47. Then One Final Payment of $47 in a Months Time. With 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Now You have the chance to Take Control of Your Life and use the most powerful mind technology available that 1000′s of users have transformed their lives with

“I have suffered from a panic/anxiety disorder for over 18 years. I wouldn't think in a million years I could ever dance again, let alone do a style of dance I have never trained in before. The Tango is a special art and takes massive concentration. Through your work, I was able to visualize each step with such clarity and calmness that when it came to the time, I actually remembered all my steps. I held your teachings firm in my mind throughout the whole routine. It's your work that actually helped me cross the finish line. I'm truly ever so grateful to you because I have made a HUGE shift, and that shift is propelling me forward and moving me away from any fears. And as you know. I'm going to do it again in Athens. YAY!!”

Kaaren D

“I now look forward to other opportunities where I can speak in public. Thank you for working with me and helping me make this difference in my life.”

Marty Drury

Testimonial Disclaimer: These are the views of a few of our customers. We cannot guarantee you will have exactly the same results as them as with any products of this kind, results will vary from person to person.

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